Danger: This Often-Overlooked Part of Your Estate Plan Could Pose a Massive Risk for Your Loved Ones

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This Simple Digital Will Allows You to Rest Easy Knowing Your Loved Ones Are Taken Care of... and Your Digital Assets Are Protected

Estate planning experts are issuing new warnings about a growing problem.

This has the potential to impact millions of individuals...many of whom remain unprepared simply because they aren’t aware of the problem.

But it doesn’t have to impact you.

This rapidly-growing problem is the failure to plan for the future of your digital accounts after your passing.

Of course, this problem is a relatively new one – and one that most people do not even know exists.

After all, as recently as 20 years ago we did not have so much of our lives accessible online. There simply were no smartphones, social media accounts or digital property to worry about.

But that’s all changed – and it has become critically important to take just a few simple steps to protect your digital assets and ensure their protection and transition to your loved ones.

One new digital product – the first of its kind available anywhere – offers a simple solution that allows you to quickly and easily ensure 100% control of your digital future thanks to its comprehensive template.

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Why a Digital Asset Will is Critical to Your Estate Plan

Think of how much you currently have stored on your computer – or in the “cloud.”

It’s truly astounding to think about.

Your email accounts...Facebook account...online banking accounts...your cell phone and voice-mail accounts...even your precious family photos.

They’re all online.

And if you’ve taken steps to create strong passwords for your accounts, you understand just how frustrating it can be when you can’t remember a password.

Now think about the frustration a grieving loved one might have if your online accounts are frozen – or worse...hacked into.

It’s a serious problem.

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The Importance of Protecting Your Digital Assets

The Simple Step You Can Take – Today –
to Secure Your Digital Assets

So how do you go about ensuring the safety of your digital assets?

The easy-to-use solution I’m introducing to you today provides the ultimate in safety and privacy for your family.

Your Digital Will is a comprehensive digital product that provides you with everything you need to create, print and edit a 100% binding legal document that protects your digital assets...

All within a matter of minutes!

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Many people feel that the only way to establish a legally binding plan for the future of their assets – any kind of assets – is to go through an attorney.

And while an attorney is one solution, it’s often an expensive – and time-consuming proposition.

Not to mention the potential loss of privacy when sharing plans for your digital assets with a third party...or the inflexibility to make changes to your estate plans without making another costly appointment with your attorney.

Your Digital Will solves these problems by allowing you to dictate for yourself exactly what happens to all of your digital property after you’ve passed on.

And it establishes a clear chain-of-command by allowing you to appoint a trustworthy, reliable and tech-savvy digital executor for your digital assets.

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Your Digital Will Offers You Simplicity, Flexibility...and Affordability

With a comprehensive introduction – and seven chapters of critical detail about digital asset protection – Your Digital Will provides you with everything you need to get started right away.

This, of course, includes a complete Digital Will template to follow that can be filled in either online or offline.

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Your Digital Will allows you to enter passwords and other directions as well as appoint a beneficiary for each of your devices and online accounts.

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Best of all, once Your Digital Will is created, you are in 100% control of the document and can change any entry you wish...at any time.

When you purchase Your Digital Will, you will receive a detailed explanation on every step of the process – making it easy to follow...and allowing you to become an expert in the process.

“A digital will is essential...”

“We are all accustomed to the necessity of final wills and living testaments, but the idea of a “digital will” is not quite so familiar. We may not realize we have important digital information and online assets in the form of social media accounts, photos in the cloud, web membership sites, writings and files on our computers. For anyone living in the digital age, a digital will is essential to ensure that our online assets are properly dealt with by our loved ones and beneficiaries.”

- Katie M.

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“The solution is a digital will...”

“Everyone knows that having a will is essential, particularly when you have accumulated assets that would need to be transferred to rightful heirs after death. In today’s digital age, however, your assets also include the virtual – everything in cyberspace that can be considered your personal property, such as online accounts with financial institutions, governments, telecommunications services, travel booking tools. This cyber list also includes social-media accounts. The list may be very long.

The challenge is: something needs to be done with these accounts after you die. In most cases, someone needs to be authorized to either close them or, in rare circumstances, transfer them to an heir or other living person. While a conventional will may allow an estate’s executor to access and close some online accounts, in most cases social-media platforms’ privacy policies preclude them from disclosing password information. You may have had the eerie experience of visiting a Facebook page of some one you know has passed away. Fact is, you need your digital presence to end after you are gone. The solution is a digital will, either as part of your main will or, more easily, as a separate document.”

- Matthew Elder

is a personal-finance columnist who has written for Morningstar, The Financial Post and Montreal Gazette.

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“Amazing concept and very useful! Will get started.”

- Jessica R

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“The thought of a Digital Will never crossed my mind...”

"The thought of a Digital Will never crossed my mind. But I had never given any thought to files, data, photographs and a couple of contracts that I had inadvertently neglected in my normal will, that formed part of my assets and were sequestered somewhere on my computer or in files in ‘the cloud’.

This Digital Will is very comprehensive, I now feel that ALL my assets are covered.

- Gordon Clark

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“I am impressed...”

“I have looked into "THE DIGITAL WILL" and am impressed with the necessity of it. For myself, it will allow my heirs to have access to my personal financial accounts. As well, my executor will now have access to my client data, which would be important for the benefit of my clients to have the backup they might need.”

- Ronald W.

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No doubt about it...establishing protection for your digital assets is critically important.

There’s simply too much at risk with all of your digital assets to allow your digital belongings – including potentially valuable online accounts – to become compromised after you’ve passed.

As you’ve seen, Your Digital Will offers you simplicity, ease-of-use and peace of mind when it comes to protecting your digital legacy.

A trip to your attorney to create a Digital Will could cost you hundreds – even thousands of dollars – when all is said and done.

So to help make sure you take the simple steps needed to protect your digital assets – and avoid over-spending in the process – I’ve arranged to make Your Digital Will available to you at a convenient, low price...

But this offer is only available for a limited time.

Click the button below to order Your Digital Will today –

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