Digital Wealth Media Inc. Unveils New Will Developed Specifically for the 'Digital Age'

Now With a Few Simple Steps People Can Protect Their Digital Assets & Ensure They Are Transitioned Properly to Loved Ones Upon Their Passing

New digital will, the first of its kind, ensures a person's digital assets are organized, documented and passed on according to their wishes.

digital will

MONTREAL, Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Wealth Media Inc. announces the launch of a new digital will that allows users to protect their digital assets without hiring an expensive attorney.

"Twenty years ago, a product like this wasn't necessary, but now we live in a truly digital age," said Ivon T. Hughes, founder. "People have digital assets that they need to protect and pass on and this document will allow them to do just that … all without paying expensive attorney's fees that can often reach into the thousands of dollars."

The new will covers such things as:

"It can be extremely frustrating and stressful for survivors who don't have the passwords to access a deceased loved one's online accounts," Hughes said. "To make matters worse, those accounts are often vulnerable to being hacked and the estate could ultimately be responsible for paying for any losses that result."

The will is a comprehensive digital template that provides the user with everything he or she needs to create, print and edit a 100% binding document that protects their digital assets. You can enter passwords and appoint a beneficiary for each device and account.

The will can be completed in minutes and establishes a clear chain-of-command for all digital assets. The user can even appoint a trustworthy, reliable and tech-savvy digital executor for the will.

The will can also be updated quickly and easily at anytime. In comparison, someone using an attorney would have to schedule an appointment and pay additional fees to update their will.

To learn much more about the new digital will, including how to get it with a free Last Will, visit today.

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Digital Wealth Media Inc. is a financial products company that develops and sells digital products designed to help you easily and thoroughly plan for your future. With an extensive background in estate and financial planning, the team at Digital Wealth Media pinpoints common estate problems and develops answers that solve them.

When someone dies the main questions focus on "who gets what." The answer traditionally has been and remains a Last Will and Testament. But now we're in the digital age and we need to also provide for distribution of our digital assets.

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