What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

The Impact on Your Loved Ones Could Be Severe!

You will leave a mess. Even without a lot of assets, your estate has to be finalised. And that means money and possibly lawyers.

And family quarrels can break out over who receives what. Without a Will, you risk the wrong people inheriting your estate.


The main problems are "who gets what?" and "should you share your estate equally?" If you do not answer these questions it will cause problems from minor upsets to major quarrels.

These questions and more can be answered by you alone. Your Will says what you want to happen. You need to record what you want to happen. And with our Will, you can revise, edit, save and print anytime you want to make changes.

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    You are single so you should appoint someone to take care of your life affairs. If you don't the Government will make the decisions.

    And if you have a child or children, you need to name a guardian to love and care for them. You need to make sure your family knows what you want to happen.


    You recently got married and now you both need a Will. Or you remarried and now need a new Will to fit in with your new partnership.

    Q. Will a new partner become a co-owner of an existing property?

    This is a new life for you both and you need to have an agreement on important matters.


    You have not changed your Will since your divorce. So depending on your location perhaps your new partner will not automatically inherit your estate. This is a common problem and very expensive to fix, if indeed it can be fixed!

    Wills of both partners need to be in sync with the details known to both parties.


    One, or each of you, has brought property and or children to the new union. If you are not married, a death without a Will could prove to be a nightmare for the survivor. Even the survivor of a married couple without a Will, could face a big problem sorting out who gets what.


    Your Wills should be up to date as you have a child or children to consider. Does one child need more than another? Is one more successful? You should use your Will to answer these questions.


    Check that your Wills are up-to-date and, if unmarried, that you are mutual beneficiaries. Otherwise a surviving partner could end up with the late partner's family as co-owner.


    You've given up working. But, whether with a partner or not, you need to make sure your affairs are always in order. Wills need to be reviewed regularly. And if you want to make changes, our Wills allow you to do that.


    You have a partner or partners in your business and probably a Buy/Sell agreement. But you need to make sure you have a Will for your personal property.

Completing a Will No Longer has to be Expensive or Time Consuming!

When drawing up a Last Will and Testament with a lawyer, there are usually multiple meetings, drafts, and revisions that need to be made (and paid for). With our Wills, you can simply download and complete at a convenient time. The details can be saved, edited, reused and printed, unlike documents from a lawyer. 

Our digital products are clear, easy to use, and binding. Take the planning of your estate into your own hands. After all, who better to clearly state your wishes than you? And the cost and convenience are unbeatable.

Top 10 Excuses for Not Having a Will:

1. Your Will is out of date

2. You don't know where it is

3. You've moved states or countries

4. You've married or re-married

5. You're living in a common law relationship

6. You have forgotten the name of the lawyer

7. Your lawyer is deceased

8. You have a new child

9. You have a blended family

10. The dog ate it

We make it easy to get a will and protect your family no matter what your current situation!

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5 Big Problems You Risk Creating Without a Will:

1. Your spouse will not necessarily inherit, especially if you are not legally married.

2. Children may possibly not inherit until they are of legal age.

3. The settling of your estate and distribution of assets is now out of your hands. Now the Government makes the decisions, not your family.

4. Do your minor children have a legal guardian?

5. Could a former life partner make a claim on your estate?

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Why Use Our Last Will?

Simple: The process is straightforward and very easy to follow.

Reasonable cost: Great value and peace of mind without expensive lawyers.

Savable: You can work on the Will, leave it and return later with all information saved.

Revisable: Make changes when you want to.

Local law: We serve numerous countries with products tailored to their specific laws including the USA, Canada, Australia, England, and beyond.

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Your Loved Ones Are Counting on You!

Your family needs to know what you want as this will comfort them as they mourn their loss.

We offer you the convenience and cost savings of being able to draft a Will easily at home.

No need to find a lawyer, making calls and appointments. Our service is just so much simpler and cheaper, so get started today.

We Help You Leave Your Family At Peace

Did you know that 50% of people die without a Will? What will happen to your possessions when you die? Planning is especially important when you have children and loved ones . When you die, you leave a Will or a mess; your choice. It will never be cheaper or more convenient than now.

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