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Digital Wealth Media providing buy-one-get-one free deal to new estate planning clients as limited time BOGO promotion

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – January 11, 2024 – Digital Wealth Media today announced the launch of its new complete estate planning service in the United States, providing clients with a Last Will and Testament, a Living Will and a Digital Will, as part of one package available online. The new offering enables clients to ensure proper handling of their possessions, future health needs, and digital assets for just $200 or less. Digital Wealth Media is the only company to offer an ironclad full estate plan, all online and at this price point. Clients can earn a free estate plan package for a friend or family member with the purchase of a full estate plan for themselves, as part of a BOGO limited time launch. The new online estate plans offer a new way to help people approach their estate planning across the USA.

It’s an unfortunate reality that 50% of the population dies without a Last Will and even more people do not have any Living Will or Digital Will, ” said Ivon T. Hughes, Founder, Digital Wealth Media. “But with the groundbreaking new estate plan packages we offer at Digital Wealth Media, anyone can prepare for their future and set their family up for success, all for just $200 or less.”

The Digital Wealth Media Platinum Estate Plan package includes:

  • Last Will Documents (download)
  • Living Will Documents (download)
  • Digital Will Documents (download)
  • Six bonus gifts including Probate eBook and more.

All estate planning documents from Digital Wealth Media can be downloaded and then altered as often as necessary, without the need to consult an expensive attorney each time you need to make a change. The documents can be downloaded directly without any complicated logins or passwords required. The process is faster, easier and substantially less expensive than locating and then hiring an estate planning lawyer.

Attorneys may charge an hourly fee or a flat fee. The average cost of making a simple Will is around $300 but your forms could cost more or less depending on the complexity of your estate, the area where you live and the experience of the attorney you hire, ” said Christy Bieber, J.D. in the Forbes Advisor on December 26, 2023.

In addition to its launch promotion offering one free estate planning package with the purchase of one package, Digital Wealth Media is also seeking new affiliate partners. Its affiliate program enables anyone to offer Digital Wealth Media's premium estate planning products to their own website visitors or social media audience without worrying about order fulfillment, customer service, or overhead costs. Affiliates partner with Digital Wealth Media at no cost and earn commissions of 35% on referred sales.

And all readers will receive FREE, our 10 page ebook, YOUR ESTATE LIFE PLAN.

Last Wills are a mainstay in the estate planning industry and the legal system. They have long been favored by older individuals who tend to have more physical possessions than digital interests. Digital Wills are increasingly popular and important as the population migrates toward more digital assets such as online banking, email accounts, social media accounts, cryptocurrency and other web-based properties. While previously more limited to the wealthy, Living Wills are becoming more common among the mainstream population because of their importance for one’s long-term health and finances.

Ivon T. Hughes is available for interviews with media outlets to discuss the new estate planning packages.

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About Digital Wealth Media: Digital Wealth Media was founded in 2021 by Ivon T. Hughes, who spent the previous five decades in insurance, annuities, investments, and real estate. Hughes saw a unique opportunity to help people who wanted to preserve their wealth with the help of online affordable estate planning services. Digital Wealth Media offers a variety of digital products, including a Last Will and Testament, a Digital Will and a Living Will, along with information-packed guides and eBooks that cover do-it-yourself asset protection and estate planning. No longer does estate planning have to be something only the wealthy do. Thanks to Digital Wealth Media, anyone can protect their assets without paying expensive legal fees