At Digital Wealth Media Inc., we're proud of the products we sell for our customers and we're happy to share their stories. Here are some thoughts from our customers:

Brian & Vita Chapman

"I read all information you sent to me on Friday and found it very enlightening. I purchased your Will Kit and received the download instantly.

I went through some of the highlights with my wife. We were very impressed with the presentation and how it was broken down into sections that are easy to understand.

We are following your instructions and look forward to completing our Wills.

Thank you for sending me this amazing offer." 

 Gordon C.

"The thought of a Digital Will never crossed my mind. But I had never given any thought to files, data, photographs and a couple of contracts that I had inadvertently neglected in my normal Will, that formed part of my assets and were sequestered somewhere on my computer or in files in ‘the cloud’."

Katie M.

“We are all accustomed to the necessity of final wills and living testaments, but the idea of a “digital will” is not quite so familiar. We may not realize we have important digital information and online assets in the form of social media accounts, photos in the cloud, web membership sites, writings and files on our computers. For anyone living in the digital age, a digital will is essential to ensure that our online assets are properly dealt with by our loved ones and beneficiaries.”

Jessica R.
“Amazing concept and very useful! Will get started.”

Ronald W.
“I have looked into "THE DIGITAL WILL" and am impressed with the necessity of it. For myself, it will allow my heirs to have access to my personal financial accounts. As well, my executor will now have access to my client data, which would be important for the benefit of my clients to have the backup they might need.”

Robert Adam

"I believe that having a Will is extremely important to ensure that your loved ones are looked after. I always advise my clients to make sure they have a Will, that is updated. The Will that is developed is great, since it includes digital assets, which are often overlooked."

Anthony Mack
"I am glad to see that someone has finally developed a Digital Will to help us get all of this information together. It will help ease the difficulty when we are no longer here. The whole digital thing is affecting us more and more, though I never gave much thought until a recent death"

Matthew Elder
“Everyone knows that having a will is essential, particularly when you have accumulated assets that would need to be transferred to rightful heirs after death. In today’s digital age, however, your assets also include the virtual – everything in cyberspace that can be considered your personal property, such as online accounts with financial institutions, governments, telecommunications services, travel booking tools. This cyber list also includes social-media accounts. The list may be very long.

The challenge is: something needs to be done with these accounts after you die. In most cases, someone needs to be authorized to either close them or, in rare circumstances, transfer them to an heir or other living person. While a conventional will may allow an estate’s executor to access and close some online accounts, in most cases social-media platforms’ privacy policies preclude them from disclosing password information. You may have had the eerie experience of visiting a Facebook page of some one you know has passed away. Fact is, you need your digital presence to end after you are gone. The solution is a digital will, either as part of your main will or, more easily, as a separate document.”


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