About Us

Ivon T. Hughes has been helping clients grow and protect wealth since 1969. After becoming a real estate broker and then moving into insurance, Mr. Hughes recognized that with the rise of the Internet, there was a unique opportunity to help more people preserve their wealth. That recognition led him to launch LifeAnnuities.com in 1998 and later, Digital Wealth Media in 2021.

Digital Wealth Media is a ground-breaking company that takes advantage of the convenience of the Internet to make estate planning easier. Today, Digital Wealth Media offers a variety of digital products, including a Last Will and Testament, a Digital Will and a Living Will, along with information-packed guides and ebooks that cover do-it-yourself asset protection and estate planning.

All of the products and resources are easy to complete, and are priced affordably. No longer does estate planning have to be something only the super-wealthy do. Thanks to Digital Wealth Media, anyone can protect their assets without paying expensive legal fees.

What We Do for You

We've been working with clients from all walks of life since 1972 in both the insurance and financial planning industries. Over the years, clients have made us aware of the various problems they frequently face in these areas. Planning to ensure that your loved ones receive what you intend to leave and that your estate is well handled is no easy task. Digital Wealth Media was created to develop the types of products that make estate and financial planning easier.

First and foremost, we offer peace of mind. Our digital products are legally sound so you can stop worrying about what will happen when you die and instead rest assured that your loved ones are protected and your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

We also eliminate the stress, frustration and expense that typically accompanies estate planning. We do that by allowing you to complete documents at home by yourself instead of having to hire an attorney. You can enjoy peace of mind and confidence that your assets are protected, all without breaking your budget.

What We Offer

Among the digital products made available online by Digital Wealth Media are:

  • Last Will: You can now download and create a legally valid Last Will to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes.
  • Digital Will: This document allows you to safeguard your digital assets, passwords, and online accounts.

  • Living Will: Here you can express your healthcare preferences and decisions for medical treatment in advance.

  • Estate Planning Guides: We also offer access to comprehensive guides, such as our Will Guide and our Estate Planning Guide, that help you navigate the estate planning process.

  • Free Bonuses: Our Will packages also include a number of powerful bonus products, including Power of Attorney, Probate, Letters of Administration, and Executor.

Benefits of Our Digital Products:

  • Download professionally written documents and complete them at your convenience

  • Avoid expensive legal fees and time spent in a lawyer’s office

  • Receive ironclad protection so you no longer have to worry about your loved ones being taken care of when you are gone

  • Keep your estate planning documents up-to-date without having to visit a lawyer each time you make a change

  • Keep your estate out of the government’s hands and prevent conflicts and hurt feelings that could lead to family fights

More About Our Team

We rely on our industry knowledge and experience to provide clients with the powerful digital products they deserve. When you need a champion in your corner – a team of professionals who will work diligently to protect your best interests – Digital Wealth Media is the perfect choice.

Meet Our Founder

Ivon T Hughes

Ivon T. Hughes was born and educated in Australia, where he spent several years studying law at the University of Melbourne.

Mr. Hughes began selling real estate in Canada in 1965 and became a real estate broker in 1969. He then moved into insurance, annuities, and financial planning services in 1972. In all his years as a registered salesman and broker in the real estate industry and the insurance/financial industry, Hughes has never been reported for any type of wrongdoing.

Hughes went on to create The Hughes Trustco Group Ltd in 1980, and later, in 1998, he launched LifeAnnuities.com in direct response to people’s rapidly growing interest in buying annuities and financial and insurance products online. Hughes sold LifeAnnuities.com in 2022 to create and manage Digital Wealth Media for the approximately 50% of people in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and elsewhere who do not have a Last Will.

Hughes designed Digital Wealth Media to greatly simplify the process so that more people can enjoy the peace of mind and wealth-building power of asset protection.

To further educate and help people, there is a treasure trove of asset protection articles and videos on the Digital Wealth Media website, along with a variety of wealth-protection packages that include Wills and other legal documents, including Digital Wills, which are something that just became necessary recently due to the continued expansion of the Internet.

Our Commitment

At Digital Wealth Media, we understand the asset protection needs and concerns of people today and allow people to resolve those concerns without incurring expensive fees and lots of time spent in an office.

With our packages, you can download all the documents you need to protect your assets and your loved ones from the comfort of home. These documents are easy to fill out – so you can work on them on your own in your free time – and they are ironclad.

We want you to rest assured that your assets and your loved ones are protected. To help ensure that, we offer detailed legal documents along with superior customer service and a unique dedication to putting customers first in every aspect of our business.

When you choose Digital Wealth Media, you are selecting a company that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Our Certifications

Digital Wealth Media Federal Licence
Hughes Trustco Federal Licence
Real Estate License (Quebec Broker’s Permit)
Alberta Insurance Licence
British Columbia Insurance Licence
Manitoba Insurance Licence
Nunavut Insurance Licence
Northwest Territories Insurance Licence
Ontario Insurance Licence
Quebec Insurance Licence
Yukon Insurance Licence