About Us

We Make Planning For Your Future To Be A Little Easier

Digital Wealth Media Inc. is a financial products company that develops and sells digital products designed to help you easily and thoroughly plan for your future. The team at Digital Wealth Media pinpoints common estate problems and develops answers that solve them.

A Brief History

We've been working with clients from all walks of life since 1972 in both the insurance and financial planning industries. And over the years, clients have made us aware of the various problems they face on a daily basis. Planning to ensure that your loved ones receive what you intend to leave and that your estate is well handled is no easy task. Digital Wealth Media was created to develop the types of product that answer those problems.


The Full Package

Our first three products are Your Last Will and Testament, a Will Guide to help you complete the details and an Estate Planning Guide to record your wishes. Each document answers your questions and provides you with the instructions you need to create your own personal plan. You need this information to understand why these documents are an integral part of your planning. And then we guide you, step by step, to the best plan for your loved ones. 

Easy, Affordable, Immediate

Our digital products are straightforward – we’ve left out the confusing legal jargon. Priced competitively and affordably, each of our products is accessible to anyone and everyone. And you can make changes to your Will anytime you need to. Also, there is no need to wait lengthy periods of time or to book meetings with expensive and busy lawyers. Simply buy and download immediately to get started on your future planning right now.

Let us help you complete your plan for your family.