About Us

We Make It Easier to Plan For The Future

Digital Wealth Media develops and sells digital financial products designed to help you easily and thoroughly plan for your future. The team at Digital Wealth Media pinpoints common estate problems and develops answers that solve them.

Our products are designed as a general informational resource to assist individuals in understanding the process of creating a Will. They explicitly do not provide specific legal advice or replace professional legal consultation. Digital Wealth Media is not a professional legal service.

A Brief History

We've been working with clients from all walks of life since 1972 in both the insurance and financial planning industries. Over the years, clients have made us aware of the various problems they frequently face in these areas. Planning to ensure that your loved ones receive what you intend to leave and that your estate is well handled is no easy task. Digital Wealth Media was created to develop the types of products that make estate and financial planning easier.


The Platinum Protection Package

Our first three products are Your Last Will and Testament, a Digital Will, and a Living Will. Together, these products cover your estate, including your digital assets, and also provide assurance on how you can leave this world. In addition, we provide guides and ebooks so that you can educate yourself further in these important areas and ensure you don’t make any mistakes that would be costly for your beneficiaries.

It took a lot of time, research and effort to put these 3 Wills together and we hope they will be useful to you and your family.

Easy, Affordable, Immediate

Our digital products are ironclad and easy to complete. We’ve even left out the confusing legal jargon so you don’t feel uncertain about anything when completing them. Plus, our products are priced affordably. You’ll also save money by being able to make changes at home when you need to, instead of having to schedule an appointment with an expensive lawyer. Simply buy and download immediately to get started on your future planning right now.

Let us help you protect your estate for your family.