Incorrect Name On A Last Will And Testament

Incorrect Name On A Last Will And Testament

If you have made a Last Will and Testament, it is important that your name is correctly stated in the document. An incorrect name can lead to problems with the validity of your Will. In some cases, an incorrect name may even invalidate your entire Will.

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Two Solutions Available

If you discover that your name is incorrect on your Will, you should take steps to correct the error as soon as possible. Below are two solutions you can use.


Solution #1: Create a New Last Will and Testament

The best way to do this is to create a new Will that correctly states your name. Our downloadable Last Will and Testament makes it easy for you to create a new Will that revokes all previous Wills. We already include the phrases "I revoke all Wills that I have previously made."


Solution #2: Add an Amendment (called a codicil)

You can also add an amendment (called a codicil) to your existing Will that changes your name. What is a codicil? A codicil is a legal document that can be used to make changes to an existing Will. A codicil must be executed with the same formalities as a Will, including being signed by the testator (person who made the Will) in the presence of two witnesses.

To create a new Will download our Last Will and Testament
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