The Government Already Has Plans for Your Estate! Here’s How to Protect Your Wealth …

The Government Already Has Plans for Your Estate! Here’s How to Protect Your Wealth …

Your Will Versus The Government’s Will!

If you have amassed wealth that you want to pass on to your loved ones after you are gone there is something very important you need to know:

When you die it’s basically going to be a case of “Your Will” or the “Government’s Will!”

What that means is when you don’t take time to complete your own Will the government already has a Will drawn up that will kick in for you.

And that government Will may very well include clauses and beneficiaries you don’t want!

Imagine working hard your whole life only to have your wealth go to a family member or loved one you don’t even really like ...

Imagine the loved ones you hold dear not receiving the bulk of your
estate or items you specifically want them to receive ...

Imagine your wealth being dramatically reduced due to expensive probate and lawyer fees ...

Well, all of these things can happen when you die without a Will.

You Want to Avoid the Government’s Plan!

The government’s plan for your estate allows it to dictate what happens. Your estate will be thrown into a probate process that can include everything from government fees to expensive lawyer fees to accounting fees and much, much more.

What that means is all these people you don’t know will be benefiting from your estate while your loved ones see their share of your estate shrink smaller and smaller.

There are horror stories about estates taking years to pass through probate. And by the time they do, they are often a shell of their former selves.

In other words, all the value is gone and in the hands of the government and greedy lawyers instead of the loved ones.

It’s Much Cheaper, & Much Better for Your Loved Ones,
to Plan Early Than to Let the Government’s Plan
Go into Effect!

The bottom line is creating a Last Will and Testament allows you to “set your affairs in order.”

For instance, you can dictate who gets your assets, your home, your favorite keepsakes, you can name guardians for your children, you can select a personal representative to carry out your wishes and much more.

It will give you peace of mind and it will allow your family to properly grieve your loss instead of going through all the stress of trying to get your affairs in order.

Digital Wills Have Made the Process
of Getting a Will Much Easier!

Now you don’t have to go back and forth to a lawyer’s office to get a Will or to make changes to an existing Will.

Thanks to digital Will that can now be done all online! You’ll save time and money and these digital Wills are ironclad documents that ensure your estate passes on to exactly who you want.

There is no better way to keep your estate out of the government’s hands and protect your wealth for your loved ones.

If you are interested in learning more about digital Wills and how they can protect your estate, please click on the link below. You’ll also find out how you can get a comprehensive digital US Last Will and Testament for a low price.

Yes, I want to learn more about Last Wills!

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