Witnessing A Will: Who Can Witness My Will?

Witnessing A Will: Who Can Witness My Will?

In order for your Will to be valid, it must be signed by two witnesses who are present at the same time. The witnesses must also sign the Will in front of you. The people you choose to be your witnesses can be anyone over the age of 18 years old, as long as they are not beneficiaries of your Will.

Who Can Witness My Will?

It is generally recommended that you choose someone who knows you well and who you can trust to see the signing and execution of your Will through. You should also choose someone who would not have any reason to contest the validity of your Will. In some jurisdictions, a lawyer or notary public may also act as a witness to your Will.

Why do you need a witness present when you sign your Will?

When you sign your Will, you are declaring that this is your final Will and testament and that you understand the contents of the document. By having witnesses present, it helps to ensure that you are of sound mind and body when you are signing your Will and that you are not being coerced or forced into signing a document that you do not want.

Can a stranger be a witness to my Will?

It is generally not recommended that you choose a stranger to be a witness to your Will. This is because, if there was ever any question about the validity of your Will, the court would need to track down the witness in order to get their testimony. If the witness cannot be located, it could cause delays in probate or even lead to your Will being declared invalid.

When should I sign my Will?

Ideally, you should sign your Will when you are of sound mind and body and when you are sure that this is the document that you want to be used after your death. It is also important to make sure that all of your assets are accounted for in your Will. If you acquire any new assets after signing your Will, you will need to make a new Will or amend your existing Will to include these assets.

Here are a list 10 witnesses you can use to witness your Will:

  1. A friend

  2. A family member

  3. A co-worker

  4. A neighbor

  5. A lawyer

  6. A notary public

  7. An accountant

  8. A banker

  9. A doctor

  10. A teacher

Who Cannot witness a signature on a Will?

The following people are not allowed to witness a signature on a Will:

  1. The person who is named as executor in the Will

  2. A beneficiary of the Will

  3. A spouse or former spouse of the Will maker, unless they are also beneficiaries of the Will

  4. A person under the age of 18 years old

  5. A person who is not mentally competent to understand the nature of witnessing a Will


It is important to have witnesses when you are making your Will, as they can help prove its validity in court if there is ever any question. You should also let your witnesses know ahead of time that they will be needed so that they can be available when the time comes.


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