Janet Was Diagnosed With Stage 1 Melanoma Skin Cancer

Janet Was Diagnosed With Stage 1 Melanoma Skin Cancer

Janet and Robert live in the state of Florida and have been married for fifteen years. They have two wonderful children together. This past month Janet was diagnosed with stage 1 Melanoma skin cancer. She was relieved that it was caught early but a fellow patient asked if she had a Last Will and they had a good chat about leaving things in good order if anything happened.

Janet and her husband Robert had been procrastinating on creating a Last Will for years and had looked at a few Will sites, but now that Janet was faced with her own mortality, she couldn't rest until they both did a Will.

Robert was first reluctant about the idea, but he knew that it was something they needed to do. He loved his wife and kids and wanted to make sure they were taken care of if he died.

After discussing what should happen if either of them dies, they finally downloaded and made their Last Will and Testament. Now whatever happens, the family is protected against anyone interfering with what they want to happen. 

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