Amanda Denis’ candid obituary of her father

The Raw Truth: One Woman's Unfiltered Farewell to Her Father

Summary of article from - Amanda Denis’ candid obituary of her father sparks discussions about how we remember the departed.

When someone dies, obituaries often paint them in a good light, focusing only on their positive aspects. But Amanda Denis decided to break this mold. In her father's obituary, she openly expressed her relief at his passing, calling him an "abusive, narcissistic absentee."


Why the Outpour of Honesty?

This startling honesty caught many by surprise, especially on social media. Some people even shared their own stories of troubled family relationships on TikTok. Amanda, a real estate agent from Ontario, makes us wonder: if someone caused pain during their life, shouldn’t their obituary reflect that? Maybe this is a more genuine way to heal.

A Look into Her Father’s Life

Amanda's dad wasn’t just a problematic figure in a newspaper clipping. He enjoyed hurting others, both physically and mentally. This behavior affected everyone in the family, especially Amanda's brother and mother, who are no longer alive.

Finding Light in Darkness

Yet, in the midst of this raw truth, Amanda also highlighted the good. She praised the caregivers who looked after her father in his last days. She wrapped up the obituary with a plea: for everyone to add a bit more kindness and light to the world. Through her words, we're reminded that even in death, we grapple with the complexity of emotions and relationships.

Thoughts & Comments:

Amanda Denis' obituary is a courageous departure from tradition, reminding readers that everyone's life story is multi-dimensional. While it's respectful to honor the dead, it's equally crucial to acknowledge the painful truths of their lives. By doing so, we might pave the way for more genuine healing and acceptance.

In situations where individuals have been a source of trauma, it's essential to recognize and validate the feelings of those they've left behind. By addressing the pain head-on, as Amanda Denis has done, we might find a clearer path to understanding and, eventually, closure.


Every individual's legacy is a blend of light and shadow. In embracing an honest narrative, we ensure that memories remain genuine and that healing processes can genuinely begin. In the age of transparency and authenticity, perhaps it's time to reevaluate how we remember and memorialize the departed.

Actionable Insights:

  • Encourage open conversations about complex relationships with departed loved ones.
  • Reconsider the traditional format of obituaries to allow for more genuine reflections on the deceased's life.
  • Seek support and counseling when grappling with mixed feelings about a deceased family member.

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