$19 today, will save your family thousands later on…

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Thanks again for stopping by and since you’re here right now, I know you’re already aware of what’s going on.

The previous article explained most of it to you, so instead of wasting your time with unnecessary fluff, let’s just jump into the important part:

Our current offer

With the current offer we have going on, it’s a “pre-launch” special for our full offer we’ve been working on over the last 6 months.

In my previous life, I helped clients with Annuities, didn’t take long to realize how few of them had a Will in place.

Honestly blew my mind when I first saw it, as these were fairly wealthy individuals, but after speaking with them for a bit - the reason became clear:

They didn’t think they needed one.

At the surface, this makes sense, but it’s not a logic you want to live by either.

Yes, you’ll be alright when the first spouse passes away, but everything can become haywire after that.

One person not getting what they want, creating a family feud because of it…

Court costs ruining the value of your Estate, leaving little money left over for your children…

The examples are endless, and because of that, I decided to create a product that’d help all Canadians overcome this.

One that was not only easy to use, but also one that was affordable and quick.

We all live busy lives, and nobody wants to spend thousands of dollars on an Attorney, which is why we’re launching:

The Ultimate Will Package

With this package, you get everything you need to create an ironclad Will, including:

  • Item #1 - Our Complete Guide to Creating Your Perfect Will, serving as a “personal assistant” along the way

  • Item #2 - Professional Templates, making it impossible to create a “bad” Will

  • Item #3 - Estate Planning Guide, helping you finalize everything after that…

Ultimate Will Package

And in most situations, it’ll only take you 30 minutes to do this.

If you want to take longer, that’s fine, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

With our easy-to-follow instructions, and professional templates, making a Will is easy for anybody:

Currently only $19

As I mentioned earlier, right now we’re in a “beta product” phase.

Personally, I didn’t think we needed to do this as I know the product is good, but my team talked me into it.

They wanted to get (at least) 10 people to go through our product first, that way they could ask questions if necessary, then we’ll revise and “fully launch” after that.

If no questions are asked, we know it’s ready, if a lot of questions are asked about one part of our process - then we know it’s an area we need to elaborate on.

Win-win for everybody involved, as you get an ironclad Will for a very low price, one that’ll be increasing to $114 within the next couple weeks - and if you’re interested:

Here’s the next steps

Right now all you need to do is:

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Complete the short checkout
  3. Wait for our email, containing your Ultimate Will Kit…

And complete the process after that.

The process is fairly straightforward, but since you’re taking part in our beta program, we’ve left our primary email in there - that way you can reach out with any questions.

Hopefully that sounds good enough already, but to make it a “no-brainer”, we’ve also include a:

Lifetime guarantee

We know there’s a lot of bad products out there, so we want to show our faith and give you a lifetime guarantee.

That means that no matter what, if you don’t think you’re getting value from our product, and don’t want it anymore - all you have to do is send an email to info@digitalwealthmedia.com and we’ll refund you right after that.

On top of this, you get to keep this product forever, so you can update your Will whenever - making this the “end-all-be-all” for your “Will needs”.

Needless to say, that’s it for now, so if you want to take advantage of this special offer when it’s still available - then please click on the link below:


Complete the short checkout form after that, and we’ll email your items over right away.

Thanks again and talk soon,

Ivon T. Hughes