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Introducing the “Ultimate Will Kit”, an easy-to-use guide that’ll help you create a Will in less than 30 minutes - protecting your family from the dangers of “intestate” after that

If somebody walked up to you and asked how much it’d be worth to save your family thousands of dollars, along with avoiding a lifetime of fighting:



Would you say a number that’s higher than $87?

I’m guessing so, as most value their family for a lot more than that - and this is the same reason why it blows my mind with how “few” people have a Will.

Something I could explain in a lot of different ways, but it all started back in 1972 - when I began working in the Annuities field.

At the time I was a young buck trying to find his way, so I didn’t think too much of it, but after helping a few families get their retirement setup…

I started to realize how big of an issue this actually was.

For the most part, it always happened “after” the fact as well.

We’d have family members come in and try to cash out a retirement account, mainly so they could pay for the funeral - but then learn it was going to be a few months before that happened.

Never a fun conversation, but it’s something we had to do, and after dealing with this for the longest time…

I started to think it’s just “how things were”.

Didn’t have any reason to think otherwise, as it happened so often, but after getting a little older and learning the ropes better - I began to realize this wasn’t necessarily the case.

Instead, it all had to do with “poor” Estate planning - with the biggest reason evolving around one false belief:

“Didn’t think we needed one”

Now at this point in my career I’ve spoken with thousands of clients about this issue, so I could talk about the examples for days, but one that always stands out to me is a previous client who we’ll call “Jim”.

Not his real name, but like to keep things confidential, even if it is “just a name”...

But after speaking with Jim one day, we got onto the topic of creating a Will and I could tell it wasn’t something he necessarily “wanted” to talk about.

You know the feeling as well, where somebody gets fidgety, giving short answers after that…

So after going through my speech I just kind of sat there, and he finally gave the response I’d been waiting for:

“Ivon, I appreciate your advice but I don’t need one. All of my assets go to the wife anyway, she’s 12 years younger than me so I don’t think I’ll have to worry about this”...

Something that has a smidge of truth to it, but doesn’t always work out that way either.

For example, did you know that most Estate issues actually happen AFTER the second spouse passes away?

This is where things start to get tricky, mainly because there’s no “marital transfer” after that.

Instead, it goes into “Estate” mode, and if you don’t have the right things in place…

It can create havoc on your loved ones.

  • Siblings fighting over certain assets
  • Probate costs eating away 20% of your Estate
  • Etc…

All things I’m sure you’ve heard about before, and here’s the craziest part:

They’re not that hard to create either

If anything, I’d say a secondary reason why most don’t have a Will in place today - is because they don’t think the risk is worth the reward.

In their eyes, they either have to:

Spend thousands on an attorney, or
Learn everything themselves, investing a lot of time that way…

Two things I understand, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Instead, you really just need to understand the 4 primary components of creating a Will - which are:

  • How liquidation works
  • Primary beneficiaries
  • Secondary beneficiaries, and
  • Residual beneficiaries…

Then you have all the knowledge to create your own Will after that.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not some “complex” legal process that requires attorney-drafted documents - because instead…

It’s merely instructions you’re giving to the court.

If you did something that wasn’t “right” or “legal”, then they’d revise your instructions a bit, putting them in the right format…

But that’s really all a Will is.

When a judge can read something and say:

“Okay, he clearly wants this to go to his wife first, then oldest son second”

They’ll know what to do and proceed accordingly.

Doing so will not only save a lot of headache for your loved ones, but it’ll also help you save thousands on probate:

Here’s how we want to help

After selling my business in December 2021, I decided to take on a “new” adventure and create a product that’d help every American household overcome this issue.

By this point in time I knew the major obstacles holding everyone back had to do with one of 3 things, which were:

  • Didn’t want to spend thousands on an Attorney
  • Didn’t want to spend 100 hours learning the process
  • Didn’t want to deal with “software” that allowed for minimal customization, and charged every time they made an edit…

So after getting all the right information/templates from a legal expert, one who specializes in Wills, I started to create a product that mitigates all this.

Essentially combining my 40+ years of experience, with templates that make it impossible to mess up, so I spent the next few months creating everything…

And sent it out to some of my previous clients after that.

Wasn’t necessarily looking to make sales at this point, but wanted to get their feedback.

Knew that if they read the Will Kit and started asking certain questions, then there were some areas we’d need to address, but to my surprise - the exact opposite happened.

Instead, we had people reaching out and saying this:

testimonial email

Providing all the proof on how we were on the right track, and that’s why I’d like to introduce the:

Ultimate Will Kit

When it comes to this Ultimate Will Kit, my main goal was to make everything as “simple” as possible.

Yes, I could’ve wrote a 400 page book to make me look smart, maybe even created a course to charge more…

But I knew that wasn’t necessary.

Instead, you really only need 3 things to create a perfect Will - which are:

  • Item #1 - The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Will (that way you understand the basics of what’s going on)
  • Item #2 - Professional Templates (that way you can just fill in the blanks, and have a professionally created Will after that)
  • Item #3 - Estate Planning Guide (that way you can make sure everything works together, maximizing your Estate process because of it)...

And as I’m sure you can guess, that’s the package I created.

Simple, yet provides everything you need, creating the perfect Will in 30 minutes or less…

And to make things even better, we also have a:

Lifetime guarantee

When it comes to this product, our goal is simple:

“Help you create a Will, with the least amount of stress possible”

In some cases that stress comes from spending thousands of dollars, all of which we eliminate, in other cases that comes from not understanding how to put it together…

Which is something we also handle as well.

In my mind, this creates the perfect solution for everybody, as you could literally have a Will in place tonight…

But at the same time, if you don’t feel like we did this for you - then I don’t want to charge a dime either.

Because of that, if you don’t feel like we’ve lived up to our promise, then all you have to do is send an email to:


And I’ll refund every penny after that.

No questions asked, and there’s no time frame either.

Could be two weeks from now, or it could be two years from now, that’s up to you…

But this creates a situation where you’re able to get all the reward for no risk, receiving a “simple” package that consists of:

  • Item #1 - The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Will (that way you understand the basics of what’s going on)
  • Item #2 - Professional Templates (that way you can just fill in the blanks, and have a professionally created Will after that)
  • Item #3 - Estate Planning Guide (that way you can make sure everything works together, maximizing your Estate process because of it)...

Which is everything you need to create a Will this evening, saving your family from all the hassles of intestate after that.

Something you’re interested in?

Spending 30 minutes this evening to help them avoid all the issues we’ve mentioned throughout this page?

If so, all you need to do is click on the link below:


Fill out the short form, and your Ultimate Will Kit will be instantly delivered to your inbox after that.

Hope that covers everything, but if you have any other questions please feel free to contact me at:


And either way, thanks for reading everything this far.

-Ivon T. Hughes

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