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Executor, Letters of Administrration Probate

I’d say the average American works harder than any other people on earth to create adequate financial wealth and assets for their family after they are gone…

But much of their hard-earned money is simply wasted and siphoned off by an almost-scandalous probate system, well before it ever reaches your loved ones who you intended your assets for.

And today I’d like to send you 3 legally valid documents – Documents I’ve personally spent well over $10,000 putting together – To you for FREE because I want you to finally be able to protect your family from a Government bureaucracy gone wild… While also protecting your loved ones from the shark-like lawyers who wait for - And prey upon - Grieving widows, so they can take financial advantage of them during the most emotionally difficult moments of their life.

These faceless lawyers across the USA profit in the tens of millions every year by taking exorbitant fees from stressed and grieving families whose loved one simply hadn’t taken care of their estate properly before passing away.

But with these 3 legally valid documents I’d like to send you over the next few days, you can finally prevent any of these problems ever arising and give your widow and family the gift of being taken care of properly when they need it the very most.

But What Are These 3 Free And Legally Valid Documents I Want To Send You To Help You Protect Your Family, Your Assets And Your Entire Estate?

Please – Make no mistake…

These documents I’ve put together and want to send to you today – Entirely for FREE - Are literally worth upwards of $10,000s+ in legal time and advice.

That’s the type of money you’d be spending if you walked into a lawyer’s office right now and began putting together all the legal aspects of handling your estate and assets properly.

Executor’s Ultimate Fact Sheet Guide

The first legal document I’d like to send you is called…

“Your Executor’s Ultimate Fact Sheet Guide”

This document demystifies the process of choosing the best executor for your estate.

Did you know choosing the right executor for your Will could be the single most important thing you do for your family to soothe their feelings of loss and pressure during the heartbreaking days, weeks and months after your passing?

The executor of your Will is the person you think is the most trustworthy and competent to distribute your assets and to perfectly follow the wishes you have laid out in your Will.

Inside you free Executor’s Ultimate Fact Sheet Guide you will learn legally important information like:

  • What your family and executor’s legal options are to pay off any debts or taxes you may or may not still be owing upon your passing…

  • The RIGHT way to handle any estate problems or administration responsibilities that may arise throughout the process (Handling these problems the RIGHT Way could mean the difference between saving or wasting extra $1,000s in legal fees… This one piece of information alone could make everything worthwhile for your family in their time of grieving)…

  • The 5 “must do on the day of your passing” steps your executor HAS to have the calmness and mental strength to handle on the very day of your passing (Plus, exact tips on how to handle each of these 5 steps, so they don’t forget anything legally important)…

  • Answers to the 62 most constantly asked questions to lawyers and solicitors by executors. We figure you may as well save $100s in legal fees and time by having the answers your chosen executor is definitely going to need at some stage in the future, ready and sitting at their fingertips at the exact moment they need this information the most…

  • Why add even more pain onto your family’s shoulders? Why burden them with needing to pay $100s/hour in legal fees to get the answers they’re inevitably one day going to need… Especially when you can have this invaluable and legally valid document sent to you right now for FREE. Not to mention 2 more amazing documents I’d like to tell you about below…

Quick Question: Do You Enjoy Donating Your Hard-Earned Money To The Government, Unnecessarily?

    As a hardworking American who has built up your wealth over your lifetime, I’d imagine you would like to pass on as much of it as possible to your family in the future when you one day pass away.

    Is that correct?

    If so: That’s why the second legal document I’d like to send you. It is called…

    Letters of Administration

    “Your Letters Of Administration Step-By-Step Guide”

    Would you like to FINALLY begin sleeping easier, knowing your hard-earned assets won’t fall into the Government’s greedy coffers unnecessarily after your passing?

    By simply taking 3 minutes of your time to print off and fill out your FREE Letters Of Administration Step-By-Step Guide we would like to send you right now…

    You can rest assured your loved ones won’t have to wait months or even YEARs while they fight a lengthy court battle to prevent the Government (Or, possibly, complete unknown members of the public) ever having a chance to take control of and siphon away large portions of your estate and assets.

    The next 3 minutes you spend downloading and understanding your Letters Of Administration Step-By-Step Guide could well be the difference between:

    • Having at least someone you know handling your affairs and distributing your assets… Compared to a random, court appointed person who may not know the first thing about your true wishes or desires when they allocate your assets…

    • And depending on the state you live in, leaving it to chance – A pure flip of the coin – Whether a large portion of your hard-earned assets you’ve worked tirelessly for, over your lifetime, could end up going to the Government. At the very least, way more money than is necessary could be spent on legal fees and court costs as they determine how to best divide your assets…

    • So, let’s put an end to this risk right now. Enter your name and email address in the box below and I’ll be more than happy to send you – For FREE – All the documents and guides you NEED so your loved ones never have to go through this horrible battle with the Government. It really is entirely unnecessary and you can guarantee it never happens within the next 3 minutes, if you take action now…

    Finally - I’d Like To Show You How To Legally STOP Strangers Or Even Faceless Government Employees From Siphoning Off Your Assets And Wealth After You’ve Passed Away

    Here’s a crazy fact you’ve probably never heard before:

    It costs between 3X and 10X as much, proportionately, to settle a poor man’s estate compared to that of a millionaire.


    But, did you know there are simple ways for you to transfer absolutely everything

    you own and have accumulated throughout your life to your loved ones after your death without any delay? All with minimal red-tape Government bureaucracy and most importantly without the crazy probate costs and risks, which your assets and estate may well otherwise suffer from.

    If you don’t consider the simple ideas and easy-to-follow steps I suggest to you… My simple advice to you is “don’t die” because a mountain of complications, both legal and emotionally stressful, will arise for your loved ones if you do.

    If you leave no Will, the “probate court” will dictate one for you in accordance with your local states law.

    Did you Know: Faceless Lawyers profit in the tens of millions (That’s $10,000,000s+) every year by taking exorbitant fees from stressed and grieving families whose loved one hadn’t taken care of his estate properly before passing on.

    Sooner or later some of YOUR family’s money will be involved. It is up to you to do something to help yourself and your family.

    Don’t wait and let your family and your children face this problem. Learn how to avoid the probate system by going through the 3rd FREE document I’d like to send you titled, “The Probate Fact Sheet”

    Ivon T Hughes

    Meet Ivon T Hughes, Founder of Digital Wealth Media

    For almost 60 years now, since 1969, Mr. Hughes has been helping clients grow and protect their wealth and assets. Mr. Hughes recognized that with the rise of the Internet, there was a unique opportunity to help more people preserve their wealth and pass their assets onto their family in a cheaper and more effective way than the traditional methods of past centuries. 

    Digital Wealth Media is a ground-breaking company that makes estate planning easier for you and your loved ones. Today, Digital Wealth Media offers a variety of digital products, including a Last Will and Testament, a Digital Will and a Living Will, along with the guides you’ve read about here today on this page.

    But what does this mean for you though?

    Every digital product we send you is legally valid. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the peace of mind knowing from today onwards, your loved ones are protected and your assets will be distributed according to your wishes.

    Most importantly for you:

    You save $1,000s if not $10,000s in legal fees that - Before the internet and digital files like Wills came into existence - You would have been forced to spend to secure your family’s wellbeing and future.

    We help you eliminate your stresses, frustrations and worries almost overnight! What used to take weeks and months, going in and out of lawyer’s offices, now takes literal minutes thanks to the internet.

    And we pass these savings in time and legal fees right onto you. All by allowing you to complete the exact same documents you would normally go to a lawyer’s office for, right from the comfort of your own home. No attorneys mean you save $1,000s if not $10,000s while enjoying the exact same peace of mind and confidence that your assets are protected, all without breaking your budget! This means you pass even more of your wealth onto your family in the future.

    Your Biggest Benefits Being Sent Our Free Digital Products:

    • Download professionally written documents and complete them at your convenience

    • Avoid expensive legal fees and time spent in a lawyer’s office

    • Receive ironclad protection so you no longer have to worry about your loved ones being taken care of when you are gone

    • Keep your estate planning documents up-to-date without having to visit a lawyer each time you make a change

    • Keep your estate out of the government’s hands and prevent conflicts and hurt feelings that could lead to family fights

    Mr. Hughes designed Digital Wealth Media with a commitment to protect your needs and your assets without having to get lawyers and attorneys involved in the process. The internet has finally made this possible. Today, everyday hardworking Americans can finally resolve their concerns without being ripped off by expensive fees and wasting hours, days and weeks of time in an office like our parents and grand-parents were FORCED to… Before the internet came along.

    With our digital packages, you can download all the documents you need to protect your assets and your loved ones from the comfort of home. These documents are easy to fill out and generally take only minutes – So you can work on them on your own in your free time!

    They are legally IRONCLAD as well.

    We’ve spend $10,000s of our own legal time putting together these documents to help you, so you don’t have to do it yourself.

    We want you to rest assured that your assets and your loved ones are protected.

    When you choose Digital Wealth Media, you are selecting a company that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.


    Ivon T Hughes

    With sincere regards,

    Ivon T Hughes,

    Founder, Digital Wealth Media


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