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Ready to protect your family from the stress of “intestate” (i.e. Will-less estates)?

If so, then here’s everything you need

Our Founder, Ivon T. Hughes

Hey there,

I know you already have a good idea of what’s going on, so I’ll cut straight to the chase.

Even though it’s something most people don’t think about, from my experience, not having a Will can be the most expensive (and stressful) event your family has to go through.

It’s not like people do it to be “malicious” either, they just think “it’s how things are”.

Probate has to happen, attorneys have to be there, some things have to be sorted out…

All things that make sense, but it never has to be to this extent either.

Instead, you can give “instructions” on what needs to happen once you’re gone, giving your family a lot of extra money (and less stress) because of it.

Something I hope I’ve made pretty clear by now, and the only other concern I see after this is “timing”.

Now I’ll admit, this is the most awkward part of our conversation, because we all hope it’ll be years before this needs to be worried about.

Most of the time that is true, but crazy things happen.

We’ve all had family members (or friends) leave us earlier than they expected, so it never hurts to be prepared.

On top of that, with our current product, you get lifetime access to it…

Meaning you can create your first Will now, then change it as time moves on.

We always tell our clients to update at least once a year, something that takes 30 minutes (max), saving everybody a lot of time and money because of it.

Anyway, all things I’ve mentioned already, so I’ll stop harping on it now…

But if you’re interested in how you can do this, then here’s:

Our package

For this initial package, we created everything in the most “cost efficient” (and simple) manner.

Know everybody hates dealing with fancy software anymore, especially since it doesn’t allow for much customization, so instead of dealing with that…

We created a simple 3-item package, that provides the same (if not better) results:

  • Item #1 - Legal Will Form (fill-in-the-blank template)
  • Item #2 - Your Guide to Making a Will (providing step-by-step instructions on what to do)
  • Item #3 - Estate Planning Guide (helping you maximize the amount your family receives)...

Which is everything you need to create your initial Will, and update (as you see fit) for years to come.

A simple process that will save your family thousands of dollars later on, and we’re doing this for the low price of $87 (lifetime access).

Something that hopefully makes sense already, as you’re guaranteed to get value out of it, but if it makes things even better…

Then we also back everything up with our “no-questions asked”, lifetime guarantee.

In other words, if you don’t like our product at any time, or for any reason…

All you have to do is send us a quick email (, and we’ll gladly refund every penny after that.

Anyway, think that covers everything for now, so if you’re ready to protect your family from the stress of “intestate”...

And do so at the most cost-efficient (and risk-free) way possible, then please click on the button below:

Complete the short checkout page, and we’ll email you everything after that.

–Ivon T. Hughes



  1. How is this different from working with an attorney?

Well, cost is going to be the biggest difference.

We all know how expensive attorneys can be, so if you prefer to work with them, it usually works best if you follow our process first…

Then have them “review” it.

That alone will save you $1K+, but again, it’s not necessary either.

Everything we include gives you a 100% legal Will, so you’re more than welcome to follow the simple instructions and handle it yourself.

2. What do I do with the Will after it’s complete?

You'll want to secure it in a safe place and make sure your executor is aware of it, but at the end of the day, all of this is explained in our “Making a Will” guide.

3. Seems like laws change over the years, how do I know I’ll have the most up-to-date version?

When it comes to creating a Will, the law doesn't change.

The only thing people get concerned about is "Estate Tax", and that only applies to anybody who exceeds the Unified Tax Credit (currently $24.12 Million for couples filing jointly).

On top of that, some people may need to worry about their "state tax", so we advise following our guide and having your CPA look at it on an annual basis after that - making sure everything is still up-to-date.

4. Do me and my spouse need to create a separate Will?

Yes, you'll want to create a separate guide for you and your spouse.

5. If I have any other questions, can I contact you?

Of course, please reach out to us at:

Ready to protect your family from the stress of “intestate”?

If so, then please click on the button below:

And we’ll get you started after that.