Living Will Checklist

Prepare Your Healthcare Directives with Thoughtfulness and Care

A Living Will is a legal document that records your wishes regarding medical treatment if you become unable to communicate them yourself. Our Living Will Checklist provides a comprehensive guide to help you articulate your healthcare preferences clearly and ensure they are respected.

Understanding Living Wills: The Essentials
Our checklist starts with an explanation of what a Living Will is, its purpose, and how it differs from other advance directives, such as a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare.

Reflect on Your Values and Wishes
We guide you through a reflective process to consider your values and healthcare wishes. This may include thoughts on life support, resuscitation, mechanical ventilation, artificial nutrition, and hydration.

Discuss with Family and Healthcare Providers
Our checklist encourages open discussions with family members and healthcare providers to ensure your wishes are understood and to address any questions or concerns they may have.

Choose a Healthcare Proxy
Select a trusted individual to act as your healthcare proxy or agent, who will ensure that the wishes outlined in your Living Will are carried out.

Detail Your Medical Treatment Preferences
We help you specify your preferences for accepting or refusing medical treatment in various scenarios, including terminal illness, permanent unconsciousness, or other serious conditions.

Consider Organ and Tissue Donation
Our checklist includes considerations for organ and tissue donation and whether you wish to donate your body for scientific study.

Review State-Specific Requirements
Since the legality of Living Wills varies by state, our checklist reminds you to review state-specific requirements to ensure your document is valid and enforceable.

Document Drafting: Creating the Living Will
We provide a checklist for drafting the Living Will, including personal identification, detailing your healthcare wishes, and meeting legal witnessing requirements.

Signing and Notarization: Executing the Document
Our checklist ensures you follow the proper procedure for signing, which may include notarization and witnessing, depending on your state’s laws.

Copies and Storage: Keeping the Document Accessible
We guide you on making copies of your Living Will and storing the original in a secure yet accessible place, informing your healthcare proxy and family where it is kept.

Informing Key Parties
Our checklist includes steps for informing key parties, such as your healthcare proxy, family members, and primary care physician, about your Living Will and where it is stored.

Regular Review and Updates
Life changes and medical advances may necessitate updates to your Living Will. Our checklist reminds you to review the document regularly and update it as needed.

Download Now: Living Will Checklist

Approach the creation of your Living Will with the assurance that your healthcare wishes will be known and considered. Our checklist is designed to guide you through the contemplative process of documenting your medical treatment preferences, ensuring that your decisions are honored.

With our Living Will Checklist, you can navigate the complexities of healthcare directives with confidence, knowing that your values and wishes are clearly articulated and legally documented.