The Ultimate Will Package

These 3 Wills take care of your family. You now have a Last Will for
your possessions and a Digital Will for your personal and social media
accounts And lastly, a Living Will to guide your health care. And we've
backed them up with 2 Guides and 4 separate ebooks on the 4 most
-asked questions on estate planning. They are:

  1. What is an Executor?
  2. What does Probate mean?
  3. Why give a Power of Attorney?
  4. What are Letters of Administration?

For more information on these Wills and our packages, we've put together a short video.

N.B. If you die without a Will, all possible heirs have to prove their eligibility to the Court to receive any part of the estate. And the Government has already fixed rules about who gets what. So the relatives you don't like may end up with your house and your possessions. And your estate will pay for all of this!