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* Estate planning no longer has to involve expensive legal fees and time spent in a lawyer's office. With our USA Premium Packages you can get all the documents you need to protect your assets and your loved ones. And we are offering a special introductory price for a limited time. The value in each package often is more than the cost of a single Will elsewhere!

* These forms are easy to fill out – you can complete them yourself – they are ironclad. So why waste time and spend money on legal fees, when the perfect estate planning solution is now available online?

Just watch the video above to learn all you need to know about our packages which protect your family and pass on your wealth.


USA Premium Package #1 is a comprehensive solution for those looking to protect their family and assets and ensure their wishes are carried out after they pass away. The package includes  a Last Will and Testament for your physical assets, a Digital Will for your digital assets and a Living Will to explain how your health is to be handled. 

Most lawyers miss the mark by failing to offer either a Digital Will or a Living Will or both. Together these two documents complete the approach to estate planning.

In addition, there is also a Will Guide and an Estate Planning Guide to help you complete these forms.

And there are 4 FREE ebooks on:

  1. Power of Attorney

  2. Probate

  3. Letters of Administration

  4. Executor

      to answer the most - asked questions on these topics. 


USA Premium Package #2 is the same as package #1 and is for those who may not need a Digital Will. Otherwise everything else is included.


    1. Digital Will ($139.00)
    2. Last Will ($87.00)
    3. Living Will ($69.00)
    4. Estate Planning Guide ($35.00)
    5. Will Guide ($30.00)
    6. Probate (Free ebook)
    7. Letter of Admin (Free ebook)
    8. Executor (Free ebook)
    9. Power of Attorney (Free ebook)
    Total value of $360.00

    Pay only $210.00

    BUY NOW !


    1. Last Will ($87.00)
    2. Living Will ($69.00)
    3. Estate Planning Guide ($35.00)
    4. Will Guide ($30.00)
    5. Probate (Free ebook)
    6. Letter of Admin (Free ebook)
    7. Executor (Free ebook)
    8. Power of Attorney (Free ebook)


    Total value of $221.00

    Pay only $160.00

    BUY NOW !

Save - Edit - Print

You can complete the 3 Wills on your computer, then print and save the details.

Or you can print out the forms and complete by hand.

To alter any details later on, just change the details on the computer or print out new forms.

Finalise Your Estate Plan!

We are the only company to offer these 3 Wills that you need for a complete estate plan. And the only company to offer this planning in 8 countries!

Either of these 2 packages is an essential step to protect your achievements. The longer you wait to do what you know must be done, the more uneasy you will continue to feel. You may have looked at a similar site before and done nothing.

Get rid of that uneasiness today and get the package that suits you.