• Who will now own the house?

    If you pass away without specifying your wishes, your survivors may face legal complications. With competing relatives, it`s possible that a court could order the sale of the house, leaving your loved ones without a place to call home.

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  • Have your protected you children?

    When minor children are involved, estate planning becomes even more crucial. Without a Will, the court may appoint a guardian you wouldn't approve of or overlook your preferred choice.

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  • Protected your from family greed!

    Without a Will, your spouse may face challenges from greedy relatives who try to claim a portion of your estate, potentially forcing the sale of the family home.

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  • Is the Taxman interested?

    Inheritance and estate taxes can be complex and may impact your property even if you believe there is no problem. By planning your estate, you can minimize tax burdens and help your family avoid unwanted surprises.

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  • Will your charity suffer?

    If you have a charitable cause close to your heart, you may wish to leave a portion of your estate to support their mission. Without a Will, however, your assets will be distributed according to state laws.

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  • Which relative will now be in charge?

    In the absence of a Will, there's no designated executor to manage your estate. This leads to confusion, delays, and disputes among your heirs.

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Completing a Last Will No Longer has to be Expensive or Time Consuming!

When drawing up a Last Will and Testament, there are usually multiple meetings, drafts and revisions that need to be made (and paid for). With our Wills, you can simply download and complete at a convenient time. The details can be saved, edited, revised and printed.

Our digital products are clear, easy to use and binding. Take the planning of your estate into your own hands. After all, who better to clearly state your wishes than you? And the cost and convenience are unbeatable.

7 Legal Problems You Risk Without a Last Will

1. Your spouse will not necessarily inherit; are you legally married?

2. If a qualified beneficiary makes a successful claim for a larger share of your estate, your family may have to sell assets to pay the judgement.

3. The settling of your estate and distribution of your assets is now out of the hands of your family members. Now the Government makes the decisions, not your family.

4. Your family has no control over who becomes the guardian of your children.

5. Could a former life partner make a claim on your estate?

6. Will the children of any prior relationship be liable to make a claim?

7. Fighting your relations in court? Expensive!

The Impact on Your Family Could Be Severe!


Even without a lot of assets, your estate has to be finalised. And that means money and certainly a lawyer. And family quarrels can break out over who receives what. Without a Last Will, you risk the wrong people inheriting your estate.


The main problems are "who gets what?" and "should you share your estate equally?" If you do not answer these questions it will cause problems from minor upsets to major quarrels. These questions and more can be answered by you alone. Your Will says what you want to happen. You need to record what you want to happen. And with our Will, you can revise, edit, save and print anytime you want to make changes.

Your Loved Ones Are Counting on You!

As they mourn your loss the family needs to know what you wanted to happen. We offer you the convenience of making a Last Will easily at home.