Who will now own the home?

If you pass away without specifying your wishes, your survivors may face legal complications. With competing relatives, it`s possible that a court could order the sale of the house, leaving your loved ones without a place to call home. Proper estate planning ensures that your house is transferred to whomever you wish. 

Who will own the home
The death of a loved one is always a difficult and emotional time for family and friends. However, if the decease did not make a Will, the situation is now more complicated. Without a Will, there are no instructions as to who will inherit assets, including the family home; this can lead to disputes between the relatives and a court ordering the sale of the house to divide the proceeds between certain relatives.

If there are multiple relatives who believe they are entitled to inherit the family home or other property, they may contest the distribution in court. This can lead to a long and expensive legal battle, which can leave everyone involved feeling hurt and frustrated. And poorer!

It is essential to remember that the legal system does not take into account emotional attachments or sentimental value when determining the distribution of assets.

Another issue that can arise from dying without a Will is the potential for taxes and fees to eat into the value. When a property is sold, the proceeds are subject to estate taxes and capital gains taxes.

By creating a Will, you can ensure that your property is distributed according to your wishes, rather than according to state law. You can also name an executor to oversee the distribution of your assets and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

By creating a Will, you can protect your assets and ensure that your loved ones are provided for after your passing. It is never too early to start estate planning, and it is always better to be prepared than to leave your loved ones to deal with the consequences of not having a plan in place.