Will Packages

Explore Our Will Packages with Valuable Bonuses

Our Will packages empower you to take control of your legacy with ease. Whether it's a Last Will for your physical assets, a Digital Will for your digital estate or a Living Will to express your healthcare preferences, we've got you covered.

Our user-friendly, instantly downloadable, editable and printable solutions are designed for non-techies who want to safeguard their wishes without the hassle. Plus, with no hidden costs, you can protect what matters most without breaking the bank. Join countless satisfied customers who have found peace of mind through our trusted services.

    Also Included: A Will Guide and Estate Planning Guide to Help You

    • Will Guide

      Create a completely secure Will to achieve same-day results and peace of mind at the same time.

    • Estate Planning Guide

      See how to protect your estate from the taxman and make sure it’s distributed according to your wishes.

    And with each Will are these 4 Q&A EBOOKS on the 4 Most-Asked Will Questions

    • Power of Attorney

      Take some of the weight off your shoulders with a simple Q&A guide that covers all the basics.

    • Probate

      Streamline the often time-consuming and stressful probate process with a Q&A guide that delivers peace of mind.

    • Letters of Administration

      Escape the stress of court-issued documentation with an easy-to-follow Q&A guide that talks you through the fundamentals.

    • Executor

      Demystify the role of the Executor and quickly gain a clear understanding of how estates are best distributed.

    • Last Will, Digital Will and Living Will – a $475 value. Pay Only $200

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    • Last Will and Digital Will - a $375 Value. Pay Only $165

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    • Last Will and Living Will - a $375 Value. Pay Only $165

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    • Digital Will and Living Will - a $375 Value. Pay Only $165

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    • Last Will - a $275 Value. Pay Only $100

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    • Digital Will - a $275 Value. Pay Only $100

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    • Living Will - a $275 Value. Pay Only $100

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    Discover the Benefits of Our Will Packages

    1. Simplicity and Speed: Effortlessly complete your paperwork in under 15 minutes.

    2. User-Friendly and Non-Technical: Follow step-by-step instructions for a comfortable and straightforward process.

    3. Instant Save, Edit and Print: Enjoy the convenience of immediate document handling.

    4. Comprehensive Legal Coverage: Valid in all 50 states.

    5. No Hidden Costs: Transparent pricing without unexpected fees. Security and Privacy: Your wills are downloaded directly to your computer, ensuring complete privacy and security, with no sensitive data stored online.

    6. Spousal Will, No Extra Cost: Create separate Wills for both you and your spouse or partner at no additional cost. Unlike other services that charge extra, we ensure you can secure the future of your loved ones together, hassle-free and economically.

    Customer Testimony

    "I read all information you sent to me on Friday and found it very enlightening. I purchased your Will Kit and received the download instantly. I went through some of the highlights with my wife. We were very impressed with the presentation and how it was broken down into sections that are easy to understand. We are following your instructions and look forward to completing our Wills.

    Thank you for sending me this amazing offer."

    Brian & Vita Chapman

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    FAQs: Quick Answers to Your Questions

    Are the Wills Legally Valid Across All 50 States?

    Yes, the Wills are legally valid across all 50 states.

    Is there a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    How much time is required to complete the Last Will?

    The completion of the Last Will typically takes under 15 minutes.

    Are the Wills user-friendly?

    Yes, it's incredibly easy to use! Unlike other platforms that require you to create a user ID, password, or download and install software our Wills can be conveniently downloaded to your computer. You can complete them on your home computer, fill them out, save them, and make edits as needed. Plus, you have the option to print them and securely store them as you prefer.

    Can I make edits and revisions to my Will after it's completed?

    Yes, you can make edits and revisions to your Will at no additional cost. Unlike some competitors who charge a fee for changes, we offer the flexibility to update your Will as needed without extra charges.

    How is the security and privacy of my personal information ensured?

    Your security and privacy are paramount to us. Our Wills are downloaded directly to your computer, ensuring that your personal information is not stored on our platform. This approach helps safeguard your sensitive data.