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A Legally Valid Digital Will, Last Will And Living Will Package Normally Worth At Least $1,000s In Legal Costs...

Historically and up to this very day, lawyers have found creative ways to charge everyday hardworking families $1,000s and more to organize their affairs...

In the past, there was almost no way to escape these fees.

If YOU wanted to protect your family and pass your estate onto your loved ones, you had to pay for the privilege.
And most lawyers?

Well, they were only too happy to take your money.

All they really had to do, in 99% of cases, was to dust off their existing documents and have you fill them out.

They not only charged for the privilege of using their ready-made documents, they also charged for their time sitting and talking about your affairs in their office.

Luckly for you - The internet has changed everything!

Unless you enjoy needlessly donating your hard-earned money to lawyers for no particular reason...

You'll be relieved to hear you can finally give your family and all your loved ones the same legal protection and rights to your assets - Without ever having to pay another damn penny to any overpriced lawyer.

For you, this means no more...

Sitting in lawyer’s offices, wasting hours, days and weeks of your time (While being charged through the nose for this “privilege”)…

Wasting $1,000s and even more of your hard-earned dollars while an expensive lawyer simply sits there, reading off questions from his computer screen and guides you through filling out their normally decades-old antique legal documents. Especially when you could do ALL this yourself for a fraction of the cost, from the comfort of your own home (More on this, below)…

Suffering from the insecurity not knowing whether your entire estate and all your assets are properly protected from the Government (And whether everything will be easily and effortlessly transferred to your loved ones when the time comes. Or if everything will be held up in the courts for months or even years because these old-fashioned lawyers haven’t updated their legal documents to keep up with our modern digital times and protect you, your family and your estate properly)…


Your Digital Will Is A One-Of-A-Kind Legal Document Not Available Anywhere Else: 

Digital Will

As far as we know, it is the first of its kind.

It does not exist anywhere else for sale like our document here.

The truth is: Almost everything we do nowadays is electronic… From our emails, to our social medias, to posting our photos on Instagram… So, what happens to all these accounts when you pass away?

If you don’t fancy them becoming the property of those Tech Conglomerates, you need to legally leave them to your family just as you traditionally would your property and assets.

Do you have an online bank account solely in your name? If it is not a shared account with your partner, do you understand how much extra stress and unnecessary work you’re leaving behind for your loved ones to deal with?

Online bank accounts, online social media, email accounts, online trading/investment accounts, online cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, etc) accounts… Government Bonds, Treasury notes, online gambling accounts… Websites, domains you own, blogs you own…

All these can and will be affected if you don’t have a Digital Will put together. 

    In fact, here are the 4 most important reasons why you should create a Digital Will today:

    1) Your Digital Will helps you prevent Identity theft…

    2) Your Digital Will helps you prevent losses to your estate

    3) Your Digital Will helps you losing your entire life story which you slowly posted online over the years…

    4) IMPORTANT: Your Digital Will  helps prevent unwanted secrets being discovered…

    Luckly, there are 3 simple steps you need to follow so you have a legally valid Digital Will.

    It would be our pleasure to share these 3 simple steps with you on page 17 of your Digital Will. If you can read this one page and take action for a few minutes, your entire online identity can be saved, protected and passed onto your heirs with little to no legal problem or repercussion…

    What else is included inside your world-first Digital Will:

    • 25 complete pages for you to consider and fill out when applicable, which is guaranteed to cover 99% of your online and digital assets….

    • An exhaustive list of over 167 different online assets you need to sit down and think about immediately…

    • Plus, we leave space for you to add even more assets which you will inevitably think about and remember to add after you are prompted by your Digital Will examples laid out neatly for you…

    Next - You Have Your Traditional Last Will And Testament:

    Most people simply don’t realize they need a Will.

    “It all goes to my wife and kids anyway, so it doesn’t matter”. – They all think (This couldn’t be further from the truth, by the way).

    Without a Will, your estate will need to have someone appointed as an Administrator where it’s possible an entirely random stranger will have full control over how your assets and estate are distributed to your loved ones…

    USA Last Will and Testament

    In fact, without a Will, there’s no guarantee ANY of your estate – Which you’ve spent a lifetime of hard work accumulating – Is going to be passed onto any of your loved ones.

    The truth is that the US Government is sitting pretty with over $58 BILLION in unclaimed assets.

    This number is estimated to rise rapidly in the years ahead as more and more people who have adopted the latest technology trends like online trading, online investments and online bank accounts begin to pass away. Sadly, nowadays most “old school” lawyers with their antique and traditional Will documents fail to protect their clients and legally assure these latest technological assets are properly accounted for in their legal documents.

    Could you imagine having all your online investments and even banking assets frozen and stripped away from your loved family members for possibly YEARS all because you didn’t know you had to make specific wishes in a legally-valid Will? Well, now you do know.

    Apart from complete legal protection - Here’s a small taste of what else your legally valid Last Will and Testament document is going to teach you:

    • What happens if you have a “problem child” whom you’d like to “disinherit” and not leave anything to? Legally it’s quite a difficult process BUT if you follow the simple instructions on page 14, you won’t have any problems…

    • What rights do step-children have to your Will and your estate? What do you need to do to take care of step-children in the way you wish?

    • What happens to joint accounts you may have with your partner? Do they retain access to these accounts and assets immediately? Or do they have to fight for weeks or even months to re-gain access, all while having to find other sources of money to live off?

    • If you have minor children – Children younger than 18 – Then reading and fully understanding page 15 of the Will could be the single most important thing you do this year to GUARANTEE your estate goes to them in the way you intend (Failing to take care of this could potentially leave your underage children with absolutely NOTHING in their future)…

    • Where should you STORE you legally valid will? If you’re thinking about your safety deposit box or even a safe somewhere in your house… FORGET IT! You’re actually leaving your entire estate open to Government-mandated legal problems if you do this! Page 21 of your Last Will document will explain EXACTLY where you should consider leaving your legally valid Will. This way, your family and loves ones won’t have any problems in the future and the Government’s mandates won’t be affecting them or causing extra legal stress in a time when they’re already overwhelmed and grieving…
    Finally! Your Living Will Document Spares Your Family And Loved Ones From The Gut-Wrenching Stress Of “Guessing” What Your Wishes Are (And Forever Tormenting Themselves With Whether They Made The Right Decisions)…

    Basically, your Living Will makes your wishes clear if you’re ever in a position where you can’t make medical decisions for yourself anymore.

    While a Power of Attorney is given the power to make decisions for you…

    A Living Will gives you the opportunity to explain exactly what YOU would like done for you if ever you’re in a situation you can’t verbally communicate what your desires are anymore.

    Living Will

    Don’t wait until you’re too sick to make a Living Will…

    What happens if you suddenly come down with an incurable or irreversible condition? Would you like your life to be prolonged indefinitely?

    Imagine the mental burden of putting your chosen Power of Attorney in the position of having to make a life-or-death decision for you, without ever having a conversation with you or actually KNOWING what you would like to have happen!

    A Living Will removes all this uncertainty. While it may still be an incredibly difficult decision at the time, at least your family will be following your exact wishes – Rather than guessing for themselves what you’d prefer.

    It takes less than 2 minutes and there are actually only 2 steps to creating a Living Will… However, if you miss either one, it won’t be a legally valid document. On page 3 you will learn exactly what steps you must take so your Living Will can be legally verified and followed in the future if the situation calls for it.

    You’ve got access to 50 different legally valid Living Wills for each state of the USA.

    These would be worth $1,000s individually but we’ve put them all together into 1 convenient and cheap document for you. By the way, you might be thinking’ “Well, I only need 1 state, what’s the use of everything else?”… Well, there must be some family or friends you have in other states as well, right? You’ve got permission to share each applicable state’s Living Will as you see fit, making this document even cheaper!

    Here’s More Answers Your Living Will Is Going To Clear Up For You:

    • Do you need to spend $100s or even $1,000s on a lawyer or notary to have your Living Will legally verified?

    • What if a family member or other loved one has to travel from another state or even another country to say their last goodbyes to you? Without legally specifying how long you wish to be kept alive, you might have some family members who never get an opportunity to say a last goodbye to you or make their peace with you…

    • If there is uncertainty whether you’ll ever fully recover from a serious medical condition, do you want to burden your family with months or even years of expensive ongoing medical bills?

    • Do you have any religious beliefs about types of medicine or pain relief you want the hospitals and doctors to use during your treatments?

    • Is there a trusted family doctor you’d personally like to have contacted and consulting with the faceless doctors at a hospital who have never met you before and know nothing of your medical history?

    • Are you considering leaving your organs to science? A Living Will needs to explicitly state your wishes regarding how your body is utilised after your passing…

    • What happens if you suddenly become gravely ill in a different state from the one you have created your current Will or Living Will in (Full information is available on page 235 and understanding this one page alone MIGHT just save you from having medical treatments entirely against your own wishes)…



    I purchased a Digital Will to ensure my online assets are handled correctly.

    We are all accustomed to the necessity of final wills and living testaments, but the idea of a “digital will” is not quite so familiar. We may not realize we have important digital information and online assets in the form of social media accounts, photos in the cloud, web membership sites, writings and files on our computers. For anyone living in the digital age, a digital will is essential to ensure that our online assets are properly dealt with by our loved ones and beneficiaries.

    Katie M  


    The thought of a Digital Will never crossed my mind.

    The thought of a Digital Will never crossed my mind. But I had never given any thought to files, data, photographs and a couple of contracts that I had inadvertently neglected in my normal will, that formed part of my assets and were sequestered somewhere on my computer or in files in ‘the cloud’.

     Gordon Clark


    I am glad to see that someone has finally developed a Digital Will.

    I am glad to see that someone has finally developed a Digital Will to help us get all of this information together. It will help ease the difficulty when we are no longer here. The whole digital thing is affecting us more and more, though I never gave much thought until a recent death.

    Anthony Mack


    Approximately 1.4 Million US Citizens Will Pay Over $2 Billion Combined This Year Alone Making Their Will And Getting Their Affairs In Order…

    r group of individuals displaying anger and frustration towards a lawyer

    For most of them, it will take a few weeks...

    That's hours and hours of their time wasted inside lawyer's offices, being billed $100s/hour at a time.

    All so they can protect their family and loved ones.

    All so they can wake up each morning and know they've done everything they possibly can to make their passing away less stressful and less of a burden for their family during their most stressful moments of life.

    It really is admirable to take these steps and give your family the security they need and deserve.

    But is it admirable to pay $1,000s and even more than what's necessary?

    Especially NOW that you know there's an alternative solution?Last Will Cost Chart

    Excerpt From Forbes: The Average Cost Of Having A Lawyer Draft Your Document Is Around $300…

    Forbes Advisor  

    Attorneys can provide assistance with drafting a comprehensive estate plan that includes a Last Will And Testament. The average cost of having a lawyer draft your document is around $300 but you could pay much more or pay less depending on where you live, the complexity of your situation and the lawyer that you select.

    Some attorneys charge on a flat-fee basis, which means you pay a set price for the creation of your Will. Others will charge hourly, with the typical hourly rate coming in between $200 to $350 although newer attorneys and those in inexpensive areas may charge less while experienced lawyers in high cost of living areas could charge more.


    For The First Time EVER:

    You Can Protect Your Loved Ones Within Just 15 Minutes From Now (Without Wasting $1,000s Plus Weeks Of Your Precious Time, In The Process)...

    I'll explain exactly how this new and incredible first-time-ever offer works right now...

    So you can see for yourself just how revolutionary these documents can be for you and your family...

    Step 1: Your choose which Wills Package you'd like to protect your family with...

    Step 2: You reserve your chosen package and download the document guides which are immediately emailed to you...

    Step 3: You print your chosen package's documents and spend maximum 15 - 20 minutes filling them out completely...

    Step 4: With you and your witnesses’ signatures, your chosen Wills are now legally valid and your family are now protected forever into the future...

    It is important for you to remember...

    Your Digital Will Is A One-Of-A-Kind Document:

    As far as we know, it is the first of its kind.

    It does not exist anywhere else for sale like our document here.

    If you have already spent $1,000s or more with lawyers creating your own Last Will and Living Will, you don't need to purchase those documents here today.

    That is why we offer the opportunity to reserve your Digital Will as a one-off package at a reduced price.

    Our Platinum Package Of All 3 Documents Plus Your Free Bonuses Will Likely Be Selling For Over $500 In The Future...

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    Ivon T Hughes

    1,000s of people just like yourself have consulted with Mr Ivon Hughes during his 50+ years helping secure the finances of families...

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    Mr. Hughes' has used his 50+ years of experience and $1,000s of his own time to put together these incredible documents for your today. This will include 2 free bonus documents we’d like to send you as well as a gift for reserving your Will Package here today. More on this below.
    Mediai Logos

    Documents, like your Digital Will, that simply don't exist anywhere else.

    And Mr. Hughes' would like you to have access to these documents, easily worth  $1,000s if you were to spend the same time and energy putting these Wills together with the help of a lawyer.

    But YOU won't have to pay $1,000s or more to secure the financial future of your closest loved ones.

    In fact,

    You won't even have to pay the regular $500 or more we're planning to sell these legally valid documents for very soon.

    If you've already sorted your Last Will and Living Will previously, you can choose to only purchase your Digital Will today for the incredibly low price of just $99.

    On the other hand, if you haven't yet taken the steps to completely protect your family and ensure their security well into the future...

    We'd like to extend you a VIP offer today.

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    But that's not all.

    For an incredibly limited time, we’d like to give you an exclusive deal…

    We’d like you to have all 3 legal documents – Your Digital Will, Your Last Will, and Your Living Will,  plus 2 FREE bonuses.

    Your 2 free bonus files are Your Power of Attorney Guide (Lawyers normally charge $1,000s to put these together for you) and Your Estate Planning Guide (A $250 legal document, free for you today). 

    Choose a Will Package 

    Silver - Digital Will
    Platinum - Digital Will, Last Will & Living Will
    Gold - Digital Will & Last Will


    Your Industry Leading 60-Day Guarantee And $1,250 In FREE Gifts: 

    Your Guarantee:

    • You have 60 days to check out everything inside your Last Will, Living Will and Digital Will...

    • If at any time in the next 60 days you don't think these documents will give you complete peace of mind and let you rest peacefully at night, knowing your family are FINALLY and completely protected from this day onwards..
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    • By purchasing your Platinum Will Package, you're getting your exclusive 60% discount price AND you get your 2 free bonus premiums (Worth $1,250 in real-world value)


      But What Exactly Are Your 2 FREE Bonuses (Normally Worth Over $1,250)

      The First Is Your Power Of Attorney Guide And It Could Literally Be The Difference Between Life And Death

      You’ve probably heard of this term “power of attorney” before in movies and TV shows…

      Basically, if something drastic and unforeseen happens to you, leaving you unable to communicate or make decisions for yourself…

      The person you have chosen and trusted to be your power of attorney will legally act on your behalf to take care of all your responsibilities while you’re unable to.

      Power of Attorney

      These responsibilities can range from everyday mundane life obligations like:

        • Paying your electricity, gas and light bills…

        • Keeping your rent or mortgage payments up-to-date…

        • Conducting business transactions in your name...

        • Collecting Government benefits on your behalf, such as Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid so your family or dependents can continue receiving this income…

      If not for you, do it for your family’s sake. Especially when it literally takes just 3 minutes to handle everything with your FREE Power Of Attorney Guide we’d like to send you.

      Putting together your Power of Attorney is a service crafty lawyers will gleefully charge $100s and even $1,000s, or more, for…

      BUT today you can do it yourself in less than 3 minutes if you follow the two easy steps in your free Power of Attorney guide document we’d be honored to send you as a FREE bonus when you reserve your Platinum Will Package from this webpage.

      In your free bonus Power Of Attorney Guide we will give you two different legally binding forms you can simply print off, fill out, date and sign.

      As simple as that! A child could do it!

      Within just a few short minutes you can do, in the comfort of your own home, what some lawyers have the nerve to charge up to $1,000s for!

      Yes! Most of these legal services are extreme - Dare I say almost outright schemes - But with your free Power Of Attorney document, you can take back the power and have both your medical power of attorney and the power of attorney to control your property legally taken care of within the next few short minutes.

      And we won’t charge you $1,000s for the privilege!

      In fact, it would be our pleasure for you to receive this Power Of Attorney Guide for free as a gift to you right now. Plus, you’ll also receive…


      Your Second Free Bonus Is Your Estate Planning Guide And It Is The PERFECT Complement To All Your Will Documents You’re Receiving Today…

      Estate Planning Guide

      In a nutshell: Your FREE bonus Estate Planning Guide (Which normally costs $250) ensures all your assets are accounted for and passed on to the correct beneficiaries as you wish…

      So only the loved ones you feel deserve your assets, receives them…

      You’re a smart person and you’re probably wondering why this so important though? 


      Here’s a strange consideration most people never stop to think about ONCE while putting together their Will: What kind of tax burden are you giving your heirs upon their receiving your assets you’ve left to them?

      You see, the Government loves double-dipping and triple-dipping.

      Not only do they tax your wealth as you earn it, they tax it after you’ve passed away and you’re trying to look after your loved ones by passing your wealth onto them…

      THAT is why an Estate Planning Guide is so vitally important. By taking just 5 minutes to use this form, in advance, you and your heirs will know EXACTLY what tax burdens they will be facing in the future… That way, your loved ones won’t suddenly be “inheriting” a Government-owed debt as well!

      Imagine your peace of mind knowing in one of the saddest moments of your heir’s lives…

      At least they won’t be staring down the barrel of a heartless and faceless Government agency chasing tax dollars from them as well!

      If you can spare just five minutes to sit down and fill out this one form alone, you are guaranteed to save your family and heirs months of unnecessary drama, tension and panic after your passing…

      Unnecessary problems which, I’m sure you’d agree, they simply don’t need at such a stressful time when they have so many other unfortunate responsibilities and formalities to handle and focus on. In a time of such heavy burden, wouldn’t you feel better knowing you’ve done everything you possibly can to help them out just one last time?

      That’s exactly why we’d like to send this normally $250 legal document to you as a second FREE bonus today when you purchase your Platinum Will Package from this webpage right now.

      Your 2 free bonus documents today are worth at least $1,250 in legal time and real-world value. And you don’t pay a single penny for them. They are yours at no cost if you choose to purchase the Platinum Will Package on this webpage today.

      Robert Adam
      I always advise my clients to make sure they have a Will, that is updated.

      I believe that having a Will is extremely important to ensure that your loved ones are looked after. I always advise my clients to make sure they have a Will, that is updated. The Will that is developed is great, since it includes digital assets, which are often overlooked.

      Robert Adam:


       It will allow my heirs to have access to my personal financial accounts.

      I have looked into "THE DIGITAL WILL" and am impressed with the necessity of it. For myself, it will allow my heirs to have access to my personal financial accounts. As well, my executor will now have access to my client data, which would be important for the benefit of my clients to have the backup they might need.

      Ronald W

      John Emily

      Peace of mind knowing that their affairs are in order.

      John and Emily D. had been putting off creating their Will for years, unsure of where to start. After reading this article, they felt empowered to take action. They followed the step-by-step instructions provided and were able to draft a comprehensive Will that reflected their wishes for their estate and their children's guardianship. Now, they have peace of mind knowing that their affairs are in order and their loved ones will be taken care of according to their wishes.

      Case Study: John and Emily D.


      The Truth Is - Right Now You Have 2 Choices:

      You can decide not to take any action today. It's totally your choice.

      But if you make that decision, what's really going to change?

      Your wishes still won't be legally formalized. Your assets won't be secure. Your family and loved one's won't have any legal guarantee to your estate...

      The estate you've worked so hard for your entire life to build and put together.

      I know these are unpleasant and uncomfortable realities of life to think about and plan for.

      You can go back to burying your head in the sand and pretending the issue will never surface or rear its ugly head.

      But we all know that death is inevitable and one day your family are going to face a life without you in it.

      The real question is whether you'd prefer them to be secure when this inevitable day comes? Or would you prefer to burden them with even more stress, grief and pressure during one of their most painful moments of life?

      You've seen on this webpage how easy it is to give your loved ones the gift of security!

      You've seen how QUICKLY you can use your legally valid documents and secure your family's financial future from today onwards.

      You've also seen how the internet has finally given you the opportunity to cut out expensive and unnecessary lawyers from the entire process of securing your loved one's futures.

      You've seen above how you can save $1,000s or even more of your own hard-earned savings today by choosing to purchase your legally valid Wills on this website and use them from the comfort of your very own home.

      Finally, you can give your family the gift of security one last time and you can do it in as little as the next 15 minutes...

      So go ahead right now and choose the documents package which best suits you and your circumstances.

      And give your loved one's the peace of mind and financial security they deserve: 

      Choose a Will Package 

      Silver - Digital Will
      Platinum - Digital Will, Last Will & Living Will
      Gold - Digital Will & Last Will